Move Your Business from
"We Should" to "We Did"

Move Your Business from “We Should” to “We Did.”

Improving the way you manage Environmental, Health and Safety can be difficult to prioritize. However, proactively preventing incidents and engaging your workforce are key to long term profitability. Does your safety and compliance program need an overhaul?

How is Your Program Effectiveness?
Take A Quick Self- Assessment:

Can you assign action items and completion deadlines to employees?
Are your employees able to easily report hazards or a maintenance issues on-the-spot with minimal disruption?
Can you document routine inspections of equipment or areas in your shop?
Do your employees participate in regularly scheduled safety meetings?
Are all key company guidance documents quickly available on every employee’s phone?
Do you have an automated reminder system for critical deadlines?
Have you standardized how incident investigations are conducted?

If you have answered “no” to any of the above questions, we can help. Implementing tried and true best practices from the largest, safest brands is now right at your fingertips. MyMomentum™ is a simple, affordable mobile app that will bring your safety and compliance program into the 21st century and help you move passed “we should” to “we did”. Give your team the momentum they need to find it, flag it, and fix it every time!

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