Comprehensive Consulting & Software Solutions

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) professionals know that a clear, well-communicated safety management system (SMS) is critical to building a safety and compliance focused culture. EHS Momentum’s proprietary diagnostic process and our mobile solution, My Momentum™, allow us to customize the support you need to help you drive safety and compliance into your company culture and brand identity. We put your existing headcount on an action cadence that will take your business to the next level and give your team the momentum they need to sustain an effective program.

The EHS Momentum Advantage

Not only can we customize a SMS for your business, we have developed a unique, mobile support tool that is simple and affordable. Our MyMomentum™ app will give your management the visibility it needs to drive accountability into your operations and will streamline the way you manage your safety and compliance program. By dramatically reducing the administrative burdens associated with a robust program, MyMomentum will immediately become your EHS Manager’s primary program resource.

MyMomentum Overview

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